Prevents unnecessary diversions

Comprehensive airline statistics prove striking cost savings & increased passenger safety


Minimal training

Simple & intuitive app process makes playing out a 4 min. video to the iOS crew devices sufficient

Discrete use in cabin

Minimalistic & light technology is slipped under clothing to protect personal integrity. No need to undress.


Easy to use & high crew acceptance

Placing only 4 electrodes in very reproducible landmark spots across any anatomy, reduces barriers to use



Passenger safety at heart

Actual or suspected infarctions are one of the most common reasons for flight diversions. With more elderly passengers travelling and human organisms being subjected to increased strain while flying, the number of on-board medical emergencies will continuously rise.  
To assess if a suspected cardiac medical emergency is time critical or not is a challenge wherever it occurs. Lacking comprehensive in-flight ECG data, makes it close to impossible for any physician to tell, if a life-threatening infarction is present or if a diversion can be prevented. Attaining reliable 12-lead ECG data and conclusive medical feedback swiftly is crucial for pilots’ decision-making process. Misled cases may cause harm to passengers and impose high cost, knock-on effects in flight schedules, lawsuits and compromise safety reputation.
CardioSecur Aviation 12+ lead ECG technology was specifically designed in cooperation with airlines and their carefully selected focus groups. The result is striking in its simplicity and technical sophistication. Using the system is “kinderleicht” and affords practically no training with crews. CardioSecur runs on iOS and thereby integrates seamlessly with existing airline emergency processes and ground medical service applications. 
Over years of successful onboard operation, CardioSecur has officially proven to prevent unnecessary flight diversions and increase passenger safety. CardioSecur Aviation closes the diagnostic gap on board and supports cockpit and crew from take-off to landing.

Airlines trust in CardioSecur – a case example

After a successful introduction of the CardioSecur Aviation 12-lead ECG on Lufthansa’s A380 fleet in 2018, the airline deployed the system to its entire long-haul fleet. In cooperation with the ISOS MedLink™ service all CardioSecur ECGs are evaluated by means of seamless ground transmission. This allows for analysis of infarctions and any type of arrhythmia. The CardioSecur technology enabled Lufthansa to increase passenger safety, prevent unnecessary re-routing and trigger justified medical diversions due to its unrivalled ECG data quality and ease of use.

Elevating In-Flight Medical Response: CardioSecur Aviation's Impact with Virgin Atlantic

CardioSecur Aviation's groundbreaking collaboration with Virgin Atlantic is transforming in-flight healthcare. Our state-of-the-art app-based ECG technology has empowered the airline to significantly reduce unnecessary medical diversions. In just four months, our lightweight yet powerful solution has been activated 24 times, successfully preventing 14 potential diversions. The unmatched accuracy of our system is demonstrated by a flawless record in medical decision-making, thanks to the support of our specialized ground-based medical teams. This partnership underscores CardioSecur's commitment to pioneering a new standard in airline safety and passenger care.