Precision in simplicity

✓ 12-lead ECG with only 4 electrodes

✓ Unrivalled electrode placement reproducibility (only 4 pick-up points)

✓ Bluetooth communication, mitigating cable based adversary incidents and contamination risks

✓ App designed in cooperation with pacemaker experts

✓ Clinically proven the fastest and most intuitive ECG system 

✓ High-tech ultra-lightweight ECG cable for iOS devices

✓ Regular updates and servicing via MDM

✓ Seamless data integration and export options  

CardioSecur Pace is a 12+ lead ECG system based on vector-cardiography. It runs on iOS iPads, employs only 4 electrodes, is very light and swift in application, while allowing for more than 12 lead output, to include V7-V9 and VR3-VR9. The precision of its ECG data is unique. Unique is also its simplicity in application and technology design.

Without compromising on ECG output, fewer electrodes permit an undisturbed x-ray view of the patient's thorax during implantation procedures. CardioSecur Pace technology is entirely Bluetooth based and reduces the number of cables in the operation environment significantly. Fewer cables mitigate mechanical adversary incidents and contamination risks, while supporting ease of use. 

The CardioSecur Pace app runs on a native iPad providing a comfortable and high-resolution suite during the intervention, comprising all the necessary features of larger and more expensive EP equipment to perform LBBP. iPads are equipped with loT-cards allowing continuous app updates and administering the iPads via the MDM system. CardioSecur makes sure that you are always at the pulse of technological advance. 

The CardioSecur high-tech equipment is Made in Germany and promotes a truly digital path for pacemaker implantation procedures. Its precision in ECG output is unique, as is the simplicity it introduces to daily pacemaker implantation. Its affordable nature promotes LBBP and CSP to smaller interventional clinics, and thereby increases pacemaker efficacy on a global scale.

*Product not available in the US