Workflow driven server integration

Operating an mHealth platform with cutting edge medical services for medical professionals and patients is a challenging task. In addition to the integration of various biosensors, it is also a matter of designing effective workflows, complying with relevant information security requirements and medical system regulations.

CardioSecur operates its own server infrastructure with high operational availability, which meets the requirements of ISO 27001 and ISO 27018. The data from CardioSecur’s app-based 12+ lead ECG systems are stored our dedicated server platform. From there, the data can be pushed to your server via CardioSecur S2S (server-to-server) integration using an SFTP protocol.

We can provide protocol details on request.

All our medical products carry a CE certification in accordance with the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) and associated international standards.

Security is key to storing medical data. We operate a unique proprietary server cluster with sites in Germany and Finland, two countries adhering to the highest information security standards in the world.

Whether supporting your professional workflows, processing or securing medical data or augmenting your services with our unique 12+ lead ECG technology, we are proud to put our attention to your needs.


Securing your biosensor mHealth platform

  • Supports your proprietary biosignal analysis platform and workflows
  • Easy interoperability with your server infrastructure
  • Data processing in PDF and raw data format
  • Fully compatible with all CardioSecur iOS based easiest to use 12+ ECG in the world.
  • Compliant with the highest information security and cloud service standards (ISO27001, 27001, 27002, 27018, EU-GDPR, HDS)
  • Proprietary server cluster located in Germany and Finland
  • Technology Made in Germany
  • Perfect combination for CardioSecur ECG Cockpit