May 2nd, 2017

The German saying “Verliebte ticken gleich” reflects that lovers are in line with each other. There is, in fact, a proven story…

Lovers Hearts Beat in Unison

May 2nd, 2017


The German saying “Verliebte ticken gleich” reflects that lovers are in line with each other. There is, in fact, a proven story behind it. The love and togetherness of a couple has various effects on our body, behavior, and even heart.


An intense feeling of love can activate certain areas of the brain that control the perception of pain. Something as simple as holding hands can alleviate pain.

Scientifically Proven – Lovers hearts beat in unison.

An experiment from the University of California Davis measured the heart rate and breathing pattern of couples. It was found that the hearts of the pairs beat in unison, and that their breathing patterns had also synchronized.

32 couples were evaluated. The couples sat in a cool, calm room a few centimeters apart from one another. They were not allowed to speak or move. However, they were to mimic each other and perform various activities while their heart rates and breathing were assessed. The couples were then separated from one other and were mixed with other couples. The newly paired couples then performed the same activities. The results clearly showed a difference between the two groups: in contrast to the couples, the breathing and heart rates of the newly mixed pairs did not adapt.

One explanation from scientists for this synchronization lies in the length of the relationship. Being in a long-term relationship gives couples security, which is fostered by endorphins. It was also found that women adjust their breathing to match that of their partners, and not the other way around. The explanation for this lies in the pronounced ability of women to feel empathy for their partner. The origin of this likely has to do with evolution, as women better adjust to the needs and emotions of their children than men.

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